The Actual Fluency Language Learning Podcast (180+ Episodes)

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The Actual Fluency Language Learning Podcast is a Podcast (in English) for language learners who want to be inspired, informed and entertained on a regular basis.

On the show you'll hear from some of the top minds of the language learning world, as well as industry leaders, innovators, and accomplished polyglots.

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What's the point of a Language Learning Podcast?

You might be wondering, what is the point of having a podcast (almost entirely in English) about learning languages?

Why not just listen to podcasts in your target language instead?

Those are both great questions.

When I started Actual Fluency I was aware that as much as learning a new language allows us to connect with other people, cultures, and countries it can also be a very isolating experience.

Many hours huddled over a textbook or vocabulary app.

So, I figured that it would be great for people who were passionate about languages and wanted to learn more languages, that there was a weekly conversational show with people who shared this passion and interest.

And in so doing hopefully inspire and motivate people to keep going, and putting in more time and energy into their own language learning projects.

I also wanted to highlight for people with less experience that the idea an adult could learn a language wasn't some myth or result reserved for a select few talented people. Anyone with the right amount of motivation and work can achieve this.

Other benefits to listening to the show

Discover new methods and techniques

A big part of the podcast is talking to succesful language learners and polyglots and discovering how they managed to learn such an amazing number of languages.

By listening to these segments, you gain inspiration for new methods, techniques, and resources to implement into your own language learning routines.

Learn about new cultures, languages, and countries

We try to feature as wide a selection of guests as possible so you can enjoy learning about foreign and unique languages, cultures, countries, and conventions.

Examples of this include Circassian and Maori, including the revitalisation efforts of both languages.

While the podcast is not designed with professional academic linguists in mind, we still have them on once in a while to share new and exciting research or findings.

Not just a language learning podcast

Being interested in learning new languages is usually connected to a general passion for other cultures, travel, and connecting across borders.

For the podcast this means that we feature episodes that heavily discuss how to use the new language skills to level up travel experiences.

Or, simply very unique and special travel experiences. It's not just a language learning podcast, but a complete travel, culture, and language podcast.

Who is the host of The Actual Fluency Podcast?

Kris Broholm has been hosting the podcast since its inception in 2014. You can read more about him and the story behind Actual Fluency here.

How to support the show

There are many ways you can support the show. Simply listening in every week is awesome! You can also share the episodes with your friends and leave a review on iTunes – all this really helps.