Actual Fluency Podcast Extra: 10 Minutes with Viktor Huliganov

Hey everyone.

It's been a bit quiet here lately with the Podcast on break after the second series. Don't worry! The podcast will return very soon with a brand new format and lots of exciting guests. I'm very excited to start the season very soon.

In case you missed my last updates, I'm changing the format to include video (yay!) and also interactivity as all the interviews will be live broadcast from YouTube. In the most cases I hope to be able to give you fair warning when there are interesting interviews, but I know that people have erratic schedules and sometimes an interview is done on a whim. I'll be sure to Tweet and Facebook if a hangout goes live, so you can catch in on the action.

To make sure you don't go completely bored on a Friday here's what you might call a deleted scene from the podcast. As I was recording an interview with Viktor Huliganov (aka David James) my computer froze and all that was left were these 10 minutes which I'm about to show you.

I literally had to retrain myself from laughing, because Viktor is so hillarious. I hope you enjoy this extra tidbit – see you soon for the real thing – Season 3!

In the clip we chat a bit about language learning, memory and the gold list method.

PS: Remember while the Podcast is off the air you can still listen to over 60+ episodes in theĀ podcast archives. Thanks!