AFP 39 – André Müller: Studying linguistics and learning scripts

Today is a very exciting episode of The Actual Fluency Podcast. This week I'm happy to present my talk with André Müller, a Ph.D student from Germany who's (slightly) obsessed with foreign scripts!

It's Friday, and it's another Actual Fluency Podcast! Today I'm very happy to welcome another Polyglot Gathering Berlin participant onto the show, and just a funny statistic: So far 23 out of 39 episodes have featured participants from the Gathering last year.

It was truly an amazing experience.

Today's Guest: André Müller

If you've participated on Facebook polyglot groups or language learning groups, you will at some point have seen André come to lend his wisdom. He also frequently contributes to Forvo and Quora to help people answer their questions.

André is particularly fascinated with foreign scripts and writing systems and shares in the program today, how that passion came about from an early age. He also shares his thoughts on Linguistics as a career as well as many other areas of language learning, such as Esperanto and KLINGON! So well worth a listen to.

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • What got André interested in scripts from a young age
  • How he got into Esperanto
  • Why he decided to study Linguistics
  • His suggestions for language learners who are considering studying linguistics
  • Klingon
  • And much more!

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