AFP 36 – Alex Rawlings: Most multilingual student of Britain

Today I'm very excited to present today's episode, as I am joined by none other than Alex Rawlings. Alex was awarded the title of most multilingual student of Britain in 2012 and today speaks over 12 languages.

ucDNwSZZ_400x400Another fun fact about Alex, in that he was one of my original envisioned guests of the show. It might have taken me 35 episode to get there, but I did finally manage to sit down with Alex to have a good long chat about everything language learning. In the episode we talk about how Alex got to so many languages, how the university encouraged a certain type of learning and most importantly natural learning methods.

Thank you Alex, for taking your time to come on and share your passion. It means a lot!

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Alex learned over 12 languages
  • How it was like to attend Oxford
  • His favourite ways to learn languages
  • His optimum recipe for language learning efficiency
  • How knowledge of other languages helps him
  • Specific tips about Russian
  • How to learn a language through natural ways

Episode Resources

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