AFP 109 – Birthday Q&A with Kris

In this birthday special I asked you guys to send me in any questions you might have on any topic. This is where I answer some of them.

Birthday Special

This week I celebrated my 29th birthday, and to make a bigger fuzz than normal about it I asked you guys to send me in any questions you'd like me to answer.

This episode is the result, hope you enjoy!

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Questions Answered:

  1. [0:2:19] Dimitrios asks: Despite being last year's happiest country. Why do some Danish people still prefer to live somewhere else?
  2. [0:11:11] Michelle asks: My husband and I want to start a Spanish learning project together. He's a pilot so a lot of our learning will be remote. Any ideas?
  3. [0:15:19] Aidan asks: I'm curious how you combine gaming with travel. It's not convenient to carry a console around, especially when flying you can't just check in a PS4.
  4. [0:20:20] Tim asks: If you could only speak one language, what language would it be, what resources would you use and where would you live to use that language?
  5. [0:25:29] Gilles asks: I was going to join Baselang, but I'm worried about the bandwidth and electrical power of Venezuela. Where should I go for best online 1on1 conversations in Spanish?
  6. [0:33:20] Sarah asks: The French say pillow talk is the best way to learn a language. Which language would your ideal partner speak?
  7. [0:36:26] Paul asks: How to integrate in a foreign-language environment abroad?
  8. [0:46:05] Dave asks: What are the languages you know, and what levels are you in them?
  9. [0:55:48] Jahnave asks: I struggle learning French in school, can you give me some tips?
  10. [01:02:04] Die_baldini asks: Do you ever get the feeling you're not progressing in a language? If yes, how do you go about it?

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