AFP 54 – Claudio Santori: Startups and viral learning

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2020)

This episode features Claudio Santori, who comes on to talk about what it takes to start and run a language startup, as well as how to use viral marketing to make an entire country help you learn their language.

We also touch on his recent viral fame in Lithuania where him and a friend recorded videos in Lithuanian and ended up being invited on Radio, TV and even TEDx.

Claudio Santori

I'm very excited to welcome my good friend, Claudio Santori to the podcast. I briefly interview him in Berlin last year, the results of which you can see here on the AF youtube channel.

In that interview we discussed Bliu Bliu and his story in more detail, so if you'd like a nice back story for this interview you can go check out that interview first.

He also did a talk on how to focus, is very passionate about personal development and entrepreneurship – so he's right up my alley!

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Claudio came up with Bliu Bliu
  • How Bliu Bliu works and the future of the company
  • How it's like to run a language startup
  • Tips and advice for potential language entrepreneurs out there
  • How his Lithuanian learning went viral
  • Bliu Bliu Language Challenges
  • …..And much more!

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The Episode

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