AFP 35 – Conor Clyne: From monoglot to hyperpolyglot round 2

This week Conor and I get into discussing practical usages of the language, that is to say how do we become capable of turning our theory into practice in the real world.

photo-3Since Conor and I had so much fun talking about learning languages, we had to split the episode in two. This means that if you have yet to listen to last week's episode, please go back to AFP 34 and listen to that before coming here. In that episode we talk a lot about Conor's story as well as his specific methods and practices that made him into a hyperpolyglot.

I also share an embarrassing story that happened to me with Russian lately. Conor gives his top tips for learning Russian and much more.

This is a great followup with lots of practical tips and anecdotes to help you use your language better in the field.

I'd like to one again thank Mr. Clyne for coming on to the show and also for you guys to listen to it.

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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How to start using a language in practice
  • How language shifting can be hard
  • Conor's top tips for learning Russian
  • How to get people to speak their native language with you
  • And much more!

Episode Resources

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