AFP 08 – Lindsay Dow: Language lover, blogger and TEFL-certified tutor

Today I'm extremely happy to welcome onto the show Lindsay Dow.

I've been fan of Lindsay's blog and YouTube channel for a while and her apparent enthusiasm and passion for languages made me want to have her on the Podcast as soon as possible 🙂

LindsayDowAnd let me share just how nice Lindsay was, usually what I do with the podcast is that I record episodes in advance, so in case of anything happening the episode will still go out on Fridays as always. But, as you might  have seen I was sick for over a week, coupled with a visit out of my home for a 24/7 event that prevented me from recording episodes and suddenly I found myself panicking when my original guest had to withdraw due to school commitments.

Luckily for me, Lindsay wasted no time and even took the time very late at night to make sure that the episode was done – and what an episode it was! You can really hear how passionate Lindsay is about languages and language learning.

I hope you enjoy the episode and if you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to put them in the comment box below!

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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How pastries helped Lindsay spark an interest in language learning
  • Why she loves languages
  • Her views on the UK language learning in schools
  • How she got into tutoring and spent 3 months abroad teaching English
  • How she goes about learning a language
  • Her thoughts about learning Dutch with good knowledge of German and English
  • Her tips for students who want to maximize their tutoring experience
  • Her secret top tip!
  • And much more related to motivation, passion and language learning

Resources mentioned in the Episode