AFP 09 – Robin MacPherson: Finding Home and Isolation Abroad (1/2)

Today I'm very excited to welcome on to the show Robin MacPherson. Robin recently released the first episode of his excellent documentary series called “The Life of Rob” where he passionately talks about his quests for finding a place he could call home.

website-postThrough moving around the world, taking on a completely new culture (Japanese) and constantly being challenged in his daily life he ponders about the big questions in life. He talks openly about his ups and downs and it really puts a unique perspective on a branch of relocation and language learning that is rarely seen.




Part 2 – Coming next week!

The next week's show will be more specific about his way of learning languages today. He says he refined his method many times to get to where it is today, so look out for that – it's a great talk and Robin goes into great details about his current way of learning many languages.

Lastly I just want to thank Robin for sharing his personal story so openly – it is truly inspirational. I suggest you go watch the LIFE OF ROB before your listen to the episode.

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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • What inspired Robin to make The Life of Rob
  • His experience of relocating to Japan
  • The emotional and psychological distress of relocation and living in a foreign country
  • How he used language learning as an escape from a bad situation
  • How he struggles to find home – and what that really means
  • The identity crisis many multicultural people experience
  • How his home country did not feel like home when he came back
  • And tons more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode