AFP 04 – Seán Young: How to Teach Languages the Best Way

On this episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast things are a bit different from the previous episodes when I bring on Seán L. Young. Seán has been in the business of language teaching for 30 years in June and is also an avid language learner on the side, having studied over 50 languages to varying degrees.

sean-youngSeán and I get into a deep discussion just how to become a great language teacher, whether you are teaching a classroom or tutoring a single student. He brings out all the stops for this discussion and we round up the episode with his favourite ways to learn a language as well. It just wouldn't be the Actual Fluency Podcast without some reference to that.

In June, Seán's consulting business will have been going strong for 30 years. Which he has chosen to celebrate by making a huge competition with great prizes, listen to the end of the podcast for more details on that.


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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Seán's story on how he got into languages and language teaching
  • His best advice for would-be teachers and tutors
  • 3 top tips to become a better teacher
  • What methods, tools or resources teachers can use
  • How classroom-based teaching should be
  • How Séan approaches language learning
  • His amazing 30 year anniversary in language teaching
  • His upcoming competition where you can win great prizes

Resources mentioned in the Episode