AFP 02 – Ellen Jovin: Language Learning for Pure Enjoyment

On today's episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast I welcome Ellen Jovin. I met Ellen on one of the many languagelearning facebook groups and after I discovered her blog I knew I had to get her on the podcast. Luckily she agreed and we had a great talk at the end of the day.

EllenJovinEllen's language learning philosophy is quite unique in that she does not necessarily learn a language to be able to speak it fluently after a certain period of time (although she admits that if somebody handed her fluency in 17 language magically, she would not turn it down) her focus is more on enjoying the learning process and in some cases the nitty gritty of the grammar. We have a great discussion about this within the show.

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The Episode

Main Segment

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Ellen's story and how she studied 17 languages in 4 years
  • Her language learning philosophy and her plan moving forward
  • How America is in a bad position when it comes to languages
  • Her writing technique on her Blog and how it can be a struggle to find the time
  • How she finds the time to learn all the languages
  • How she uses her city, New York for inspiration and Resources
  • Her exact way of learning a language
  • And Much more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode