AFP 44 – Vladimir Georgiev: Denmark and Learning Danish

Today I'm talking to Vladimir Georgiev, a Bulgarian national who ventured on to Learn Danish and moreover even live in Denmark for an extended period of time. I ask him about his experiences and we get into specifics about learning the Danish language and coming to Denmark as a foreigner.


Once again I find myself with less than optimum quality. I apologise. My computer that I use to produce the episodes has died, and on it I had all the sound bytes I use for the show. I hope you'll accept this week's poor quality while I try to make it better for next week.

Denmark and Learning Danish

Lately I've been thinking a lot about Danish. One of the major reasons is because of my project, which I'll talk about in the next paragraph, but also because I've seen more and more people express an interest in learning the language. As a Danish person I feel like it's my duty to help you with getting as much help as you can on your way to speaking Danish fluently.

In this interview with Vladimir Georgiev, we look at the language from the perspective of a person outside and Vladimir shares his story on how he came across the language, as well as how he learned it, to quite a high level I must say. We get into what the hardest part of the language is, and also talk about his experience moving to Denmark.

In a later episode I'll talk more technically about the Danish language, from the perspective of native speakers. Look out for that episode in the future.

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Vladimir got into learning Danish in Bulgaria
  • What motivated him to learn languages in the first place
  • His experience of moving to Denmark and living here
  • The biggest challenges of learning Danish
  • Tips and tricks for aspiring Danish learners
  • And much more

Episode Resources

This lists the resources relevant to the episode. For other language learning resources please go to the resource page for more information.

  • DR Ligetil – Read news stories in simplified Danish
  • Danish Class 101 – From the guys behind -Pod101, I personally use the Russian equivalent and it's great!
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  • None: Become one?