AFP 112 – Sarah Barrett: Introducing Foreign Languages to Children

Time for episode 112! In this episode I welcome Sarah Barrett to talk about her company Lingotastic, where she introduces young children to foreign languages through games, songs, and play time.

Sarah Barrett

Sarah and her husband Maik are both passionate about languages, and they are sharing that passion with the youngest in our society to tune their small ears to the different languages, but also to simply show that the world isn't monolingual.

I strongly believe in this idea, and I think that the key to improving intercultural relations is to try and encourage our youngest to explore other cultures, or at least be aware that they exist.

The more secluded/isolated a population is, the more likely it is to be monolingual and even racist and afraid of foreigners!

So check out the episode and Sarah's company here:

Sarah's company:

In this episode:

  • How Sarah got interested in languages early on
  • Why and how she started LingoTastic
  • How to introduce foreign languages to kids
  • Lots on how we can improve foreign language learning from the very first classes

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  • dandiprat says:

    Many people cite their kids as a reason that they are unable to learn a language because they’re too busy. For her they are the reason that she learns. Impressive.
    This is an issue that I think about a lot since I have a son now, but I’m afraid to teach my son any languages except my native one because I fear that I won’t do it right. My wife and her family are teaching him their main language, though.

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