AFP 07 – Dani Maizner: Austrian polyglot and blogger

Today I'm happy to bring on a fellow language learner whom I have gotten to know via  the Facebook groups and communities that relate to language learning. It's an amazing feeling to be part of the community and I feel like I'm meeting people I would have otherwise never met.

Dani Maizner
I know you can't see much of Dani, but I simply loved this picture! ­čÖé

Today's show also marks the first community guest. Previously all the guests were fairly recognizeable names in the community, but I decided  that this approach was a bit too confined and ultimately lacked guests.

It's awesome to have people like Steve Kaufmann on the Podcast, and I consider it a great honour. But there just isn't that many Steve Kaufmanns in the community, so what I came to realize was that you do not need to be a well-known figure in the community, to have an amazing story or advice to share.

My guest today: Dani is exactly like this. She's studied over 9 languages and has a lot of experience with learning a new foreign language and even translating foreign languages, so her story is just as exciting and valuable as any ‘celebrity' member of the community. I encourage you also to visit her blog, which features a wide array of articles about language learning, some of which are even available in multiple languages.

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Dani's story of learning 9 languages to various degrees
  • How she motivates herself to keep learning
  • Her learning process from reading an unknown word to knowing it fully
  • How she makes her own Anki decks for optimum learning
  • Her biggest a-ha moment(s) in language learning
  • How she would learn a language starting from scratch
  • Her strengths and weaknesses as a language learner and how to overcome them
  • and Much more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode