AFP 78 – Michael Levi-Harris: The Hyperglot Movie (1/2)

Today I'm extremely happy to share part 1 of my recent talk with the star and writer of the Hyperglot movie: Michael Levi Harris. During the conversation we get into Michael's story on how he became a hyper-polyglot and how he came up with the movie.

Michael Levi-Harris

I remember the first time I came across Michael, and that was back in 2013 when rumours about the movie started circulating. I was trying all tricks to try and watch this film, but it had only seen a limited amount of screenings at various film festivals.

Then, luckily it was shown on the first day of the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin! I thought the movie was great and after seeing it I knew I had to get Michael on the show to talk about his life and the movie.

Well the future is now! In this episode we chat about his language learning upbringing and just why he got into languages. Since we spoke for more than 90 minutes I've had to cut this session into two separate parts. It's all awesome stuff though, I promise!

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Unfortunately the only video available this time is my introduction. As the interview was recorded on location I didn't have a way to record the video. Anyway, if you prefer to listen via YouTube you can here:

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Show notes

  • Michael's first foreign language experience
  • How he became obsessed with language learning
  • How and why he learned languages during his childhood
  • How he used the environment he was in to motivate himself
  • How finding out about his roots gave a boost in his learning
  • How he got the idea for the Hyperglot movie
  • And much more!

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Thank you to this week’s guest: Michael Levi-Harris