AFP 43 – Benson Hoi: Programming and language learning

On today's show I'm happy to welcome Benson Hoi, a programmer by day and aspiring polyglot by night. Benson talks about programming and language learning, how he uses flashcards as well as some tips and tricks for learning the tones of Chinese.

Benson Hoi

Welcome to the 43rd episode of The Actual Fluency Podcast. Today I'm excited to be talking to speaker of 7 languages, Benson Hoi. Benson is a full time programmer, and lives out his language passion after hours, where he has studied countless languages to varying degrees.

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Benson learnt 7 languages and knowledge in many more
  • The connection between programming languages and natural languages
  • How programming allows him to live his dream of travelling the world and learn languages
  • How he uses flashcards, particularly memrise, to aid him in learning
  • How to use storytelling to teach the tones of Mandarin Chinese
  • Much more!

Episode Resources

This lists the resources relevant to the episode. For other language learning resources please go to the resource page for more information.