AFP 146 – Shannon Kennedy: Women in Language

Shannon Kennedy returns to the show to share all the details about the upcoming Women in Language conference taking place March 7-10, 2019 as well as her latest projects

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Show Notes and Links

In this episode:

  • What Shannon has been up to in the time since her last appearance
  • What is the Add1Challenge?
  • All about the Women in Language Conference
  • Why you should attend language events in general
  • The award-winning language learning app; DROPS
  • And much more!


Women in Language



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Thanks to this week's guest, Shannon Kennedy!

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  • Richard Benton says:

    Thanks for the episode! The discussion really hit home around studying languages when one has a job, children, and other responsibilities. I’m a good 15-20 years older than many of the folks in the polyglot community, so it’s nice to hear this topic come up. Digital Nomadism is not an option for me when I want my kids to have a home and a community they can grow up in.

    I had to create a way to learn languages that didn’t involve much traveling or hours per day. It was hard, but I managed.

    Soon, however, they will be out of the house, off on their own language adventures. I’m grateful I can encourage them to get out there and connect with people all over the world.

  • Titi says:

    Lovely Article,
    I think generally speaking women are more attentive and can learn easier. My wife speaks 6 languages, and I speak 5, so it’s proven 🙂

    To reply to Shanon that said that self studying feels lonely, yes to some extent, but it depends on your learning style, and learning in a group is more fun, but not necessarily that efficient, because usually not all persons in the same group have the same level.

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