AFP 131 – Conor Clyne: Eastern European Travels and Experiences

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2020)

On this episode we change the topic a little to talk about how one polyglot; Conor Clyne has been using his languages to enhance his travelling experiences in Eastern Europe.

Conor really likes Eastern Europe, and in this episode he shares how to enhance your own travels by learning the local language, and also how you avoid being scammed.

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Show Notes

  • What Conor has been up to since he was last on the show
  • Why he likes Eastern Europe so much
  • How to use your language skills to enhance your travels
  • How to avoid being scammed
  • Why he started talking more about travelling and dating in general
  • And much more!

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Originally from Denmark, he now lives in Portugal and speaks 5+ languages at varying levels. His other interests are Wine, Online Marketing, and Travelling.