AFP 45 – Robin MacPherson: Developing the method

Today I'm joined by my good friend Robin MacPherson. Robin was guest on the podcast back in episodes 9 and 10 and today he's back to talk about what lessons he's learned in the meatime. This is a great episode that talks about language learning methods and finding out what works best for you.

Developing your own language learning method

Today's topic is how to find your ideal method to learning languages, and how that method changes constantly. Robin talks about his experience learning French to a very high level in the past 7 months and I add some of my own experiences to the discussion.

We tried to keep it short, but the content of today's episode was so good we decided to continue a bit past the usual 30-45 minute mark, we hope you enjoy it!

PS. I know the editing is still a bit rough. Sorry about that, my computer died last week whilst editing the show, and I don't have the funds to replace it yet.

The podcast is ending….

Don't worry! Only season 1.

Episode 50 will mark the last episode of season 1. After a short break season 2 will begin with a lot of new initiatives, that will improve the listening experience greatly. The improvements are:

  • Better organised episodes
  • Better audio quality
  • Better and more varied guests
  • And much more!

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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • What Robin has been up to in the last 6 months (including moving to 3 different countries)
  • How he acquired a high level (c1+) in French in a very short time
  • How his method developed since last time
  • Reasons for updating his method
  • His method now
  • And much more good stuff – as per usual!

Episode Resources

This lists the resources relevant to the episode. For other language learning resources please go to the resource page for more information.