AFP 57 – John Fotheringham: Language Mastery

On this episode I'm very happy to welcome Mr. John Fotheringham. John runs one of the oldest blogs about language learning: Language Mastery.

John joins me today to talk about his language learning history, about having the right mindset, his passion for Japanese and Mandarin as well as talk about his language guides for those exact languages.

John Fotheringham

I was very happy to have discovered John's website: Language Mastery quite a while ago. In my opinion he has one of the most well-polished websites in the industry. As we talk about during the interview, John has been working on that website since 2009 – so there's a lot of juicy stuff on there.

Highly recommended to check out, he even has his own podcast where I was happy to be featured recently.

In today's episode we talk about a lot of general language learning topics, including a very comprehensive discussion on comprehensive input. It's a great show today with a lot of diverse topics beneficial for every language learner out there.

Special deal exclusive for Actual Fluency listeners

I persuaded John to offer his language guides at a special discount, exclusive to the listeners of the Actual Fluency audience.

Luckily he agreed.

This means you can pick up Master Japanese or Master Mandarin at 25% off the usual asking price.

Simply enter coupon: NINJATASTIC at checkout.

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How John got into language learning
  • How and why John started
  • How he travelled and learned languages
  • Where his passion for Japanese and Mandarin started
  • Lots of tips and tricks about learning methods and mentality
  • …..And much more!

Episode Resources

This lists the resources relevant to the episode. For other language learning resources please go to the resource page for more information.

  • – John's main blog
  • Master Japanese – John's flagship product, almost 400 pages and tons of bonuses
  • Master Mandarin – John's second product. Will be upgraded soon to reflect the Japanese product's standard. Buy it now to secure the low price.

The Episode

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Special thanks to this week's guest, John Fotheringham for joining me on the show and sharing his story. See you on the next episode!