AFP 181 – Olle Linge: Hacking Chinese & Academic vs Non-Academic

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

In this episode I'm joined by Olle Linge from Hacking Chinese. I've wanted to have him on the show for 5-6 years so it's great that we finally connected!

In this episode I'm joined by Olle Linge from Hacking Chinese to talk about his “random” journey into Chinese, founding the Hacking Chinese website (10 years anniversary this year) and a ton of language learning methodology and academic vs non-academic perspectives.

A lot of the advice in the episode are centered around Chinese, but almost all of it is applicable to every language.


Here's what we talk about in the episode:

  • How Olle “randomly” stumbled into his Chinese language passion and ability
  • What the differences between academic and non-academic language learning are
  • How to learn the tones, and characters of Chinese
  • How to succeed learning any language
  • And much more!

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