AFP 138 – Elisa Polese: Teaching Multiple Languages at Once

Elisa Polese from Italy comes on the show to share her method of teaching 13 different languages, even teaching several of them with students at the same time.

In the episode we also talk about the importance of speaking early, grammar, traditional learning vs modern learning, and how you can avoid mixing up your languages when you're learning multiple at the same time.

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Show Notes and Links

In this episode:

  • How Elisa got into languages
  • How Elisa teaches up to 13 different languages
  • Why it's okay to feel stupid for a while
  • How to learn multiple languages and not get confused
  • Why polyglot teachers are beneficial to ambitious students
  • And much more!

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Thanks to this week's guest, Elisa Polese! 

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  • Veronica says:

    Hi Elisa,
    My name is Veronica, from Peru and very interesting for learning English.
    Let me know where apply for you video class.

  • Selvin David cardona says:

    Hi, Elisa soy DAVid de Guatemala me interesa mucho el idioma inglés no sé si me puedes ayudar

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