AFP 161 – Jon Mahoney: Around the world in 900+ days and mastering Russian

On this episode I chat to Jon Mahoney, who went on a trip around the world that lasted over 900 days. We also get into his story of living in Ukraine, and Russia – as well as progressing his Russian skills to well above advanced. 

Along the way he produced videos for his YouTube channels (in English and Russian) together with his wife Eva.


That was my reaction when Jon first told me of his epic world trip, when I met him at the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava last year.

How was it possible for two adults to travel around the world in a 3-year period, and perhaps more importantly, for less than $20,000??

In the process Jon also mastered Russian, so we get into that as well.

Great, inspirational story all around. Well worth a listen!

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