AFP 21 – Richard Simcott: 20th Episode Special!

Today is a special celebratory milestone! It marks the 20th unique episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast. When I first started the podcast 20 episodes ago, it was my dream to create a podcast that could inspire people, and myself to work harder, discover new methods and just try and connect the community through the podcasting medium – which at the time I started only had one other general language learning podcast.

richardsimcottTo help me celebrate the great news I've brought on Richard Simcott, who was one of the very first polyglots I encountered on YouTube. Way before I even considered learning a language, let alone starting a blog.
So now it has come full circle. Through joining the polyglot community, starting a blog and devising a future I'm moving on with my life, instead of staying in the hole of depression, wandering around aimlessly and without any hope of a better life.

Thank you

This show would not have been possible without you, so I just wanted to take a second to thank you so much for being a listener. It literally makes my day when I get emails, messages or tweets where people tell me they listened to something I had done and it had a positive effect on their life.

To me there is no greater pleasure.

Here's to the next 20!

The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • The benefits of language-related meetups
  • What Richard thinks of the Polyglot gathering and the Polyglot Conference
  • Looking forward to the conference in Novi Sad – What to expect
  • Why we haven't quite seen as much of Richard lately
  • How to bring up a child in a multilingual environment
  • Much, much more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode

Note: I've removed most of the resources from this section, as I always had Anki/Memrise etc. here every week. Now I will only put resources here that are very exclusive to the episode. For any other resource please go to the resource page for more information.