AFP 12 – Bill Price: Language Learning Blogger

Welcome to Episode 12 of the Actual Fluency Podcast.

Today I'm excited to welcome onto the show Mr. Bill Price from

Bill caught my attention on the facebook groups, where I learned of his amazing blog that follows his journey in learning German, which he succeeded in about a year. Now he takes on many more languages, including Chinese mandarin and Spanish. Bill and I had a very interesting casual chat about learning languages and he shares a lot of great tips and tricks of how he improved his own learning.

He particularly talks a lot about finding motivation and how to organise your learning. Well worth a listen!

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The Episode

Show Notes

In this episode you will hear about:

  • How Bill started learning German with his wife
  • The advantages/disadvantages of learning with a partner
  • What materials and resources he uses when learning
  • How he schedules his learning
  • How he recovers motivation if it's lacking
  • His top language learning tips!
  • Much more!

Resources mentioned in the Episode

Note: I've removed most of the resources from this section, as I always had Anki/Memrise etc. here every week. Now I will only put resources here that are very exclusive to the guest who is on. For any other resource please go to the resource page here for more information.