AFP 116 – Gabriel Wyner: Raising 500K on Kickstarter

Today's guest is the best-selling author of Fluent Forever, Mr. Gabriel Wyner! Gabe's latest language learning app kickstarter recently broke all records to become the most funded app of all time!

Gabriel Wyner

I almost fell down my chair when I saw the total for Gabriel Wyner's latest kickstarter campaign.

Over 400.000 dollars had been raised. Today the number is closer to 500.000.

I'm not sure why I was so surprised, after all Gabe is fantastic in his presentation and execution of his method and sharing his passion and enthusiasm for learning languages.

And language learning is really popular these days. Just look at how many active users megasites like Duolingo has at the moment.

I think the reason for this surprise is because of how few people are actually engaged in the polyglot community. Not many people are interested in becoming a perpetual language learner, learning one language after the other.

There are however, millions and millions of people who want to learn that one language special to them. Be it Spanish to speak with their grandmother, German to speak with their spouse, or something else entirely.

To figure out what Gabe's app does, be sure to listen to the episode. In a nutshell the app makes it (way) easier to execute on the principles behind Fluent Forever.

In order words, it helps you create relevant, contextual, monolingual flashcards that feature images instead of translations quickly and of high quality. No more fiddling around for hours, or using boring standardised vocabulary lists that you will never use.

Check out  Gabriel's Kickstarter Video (just ~40 hours left)

The Kickstarter finished with huge result! To check out Gabriel's app, check out the Indigogo page here:

In this episode:

  • What has Gabriel been up to since his book was released?
  • What is the Fluent Forever App?
  • How did Gabriel come up with the methodology behind?
  • How did he create a kickstarter campaign for a language learning product that raised $500K?
  • Future plans and ideas
  • And much more!

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  • Jami Haavisto says:

    In my language learning journey I’ve used to use quite a lot of Anki and other flash cards software especially MosaLingua and Memrise. With Anki I tried creating scripts and tools to aid card creation and styled the cards to make the reviewing process more pleasent. However I could not make the process easy and smooth enough to be enjoyable and effective enough. Eventually I gave up on Anki (and flash card apps in general) as I felt I was spending so much time creating and reviewing cards and I did not feel I was getting that much in return. As I started learning Russian some months ago I decided as a sort of experiment not to use flash card software and instead focus more on learning things in context via mass exposure (audio, text and videos). So far it seems to be working and I think that was a good choice and I won’t be going back to using Anki.
    However, I do recognize the effectiveness of using personalized cards and using SRS to review them. So I’m hopeful for the Fluent Forever app to be the holy grail of language learning flash card software and I’m happy to be a backer. The design and UI seem simple, good and hassle-free so it’s going to a good direction. I admire the thorough work Gabriel is willing to put for Anki deck creation and I’m sure that’ll translate well to the app since the goal is obviously to replace Anki as a language lerning tool for himself as well. His book and especially his pronunciation trainers (for me language learning always begins with pronunciation) have been really useful to me so I’m happy to see that the Kickstarter campaign has been a success!

    • Kris Broholm says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jami! I think a good middle ground is definitely needed, and I’m also excited about where Mr. Wyner is taking this concept

  • Israel Lai says:

    Omg the part about the pronunciation approximations…I’ve been studying world music recently and the renditions of every single language in English syllables in my American textbook is so appalling that I insisted on spending time looking up the Portuguese etc on the Web

  • Carley says:

    Hi Kris!

    Thank you for covering our Kickstarter Campaign. We really appreciate your work, and know the campaign wouldn’t have been as successful without it. We’ve continued our fundraising efforts on Indiegogo to reach our remaining stretch goals and have a small request: Would you please switch the link in your piece from the Kickstarter link to the updated Indiegogo link? (–2)
    Thank you again for your support!

    Best Wishes,

    Fluent-Forever Team

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