AFP 98 – Andrew Feinberg: Duolingo and Norwegian

Today's guest on the podcast is Mr. Andrew Feinberg! I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew in Berlin last year and in the episode we talk about how he got into language learning and eventually became a contributor to the popular language learning app; Duolingo.

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Show notes

  • How Andrew got into language learning
  • How he discovered his passion for Norwegian
  • How he became involved with Duolingo
  • General discussion about Duolingo
  • And much more…

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Thanks to this week's guest, Andrew Feinberg!

  • Tadeusz Mollin says:

    Great episode with a very bright young man! I like Andrew’s theory that you are bound to forget your vocabulary 10 times, before eventually remembering it. I’ve forgotten all my Chinese characters 9 times by now, so there might still be hope…

  • Israel Lai says:

    Are you sure this guy and I aren’t clones of each other? Everything from our foreign languages and favourite materials to our philosophy and methodology are so similar haha. Even the Polish code-breaking mentality!
    When I bought my current computer several months ago, I intentionally opted for a CD drive because I knew I’d be getting (more) Assimil sometime. You never know when they’ll finally get on with the times…

  • Daniel Michael says:

    “You have to keep forgetting in order to remember” That is a nice quote

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