AFP 93 – Shannon Kennedy: Introvert language learning

On this episode I talk to Shannon Kennedy about her experience as a language learner as well as a musician. We put particularly emphasis on the topic of language learning for introverted (or shy) people.

Shannon Kennedy

Shannon is cool. Really cool! Apart from speaking 8 languages she's also a Jazz musician and plays a mean saxophone. She's been writing under the name “EuroLinguiste” sharing her experience and tips for learning languages. Her experience with music really spills over in language learning.

In the episode we talk especially about the struggles of being an introverted language learner. As both me and Shannon are mostly introvert (I don't like absolute categorisations) we had a good comparison of notes.

Say Goodbye to Shy

During the interview we also talked about her newly released course: Say Goodbye to Shy, which is a video course and guide that teaches how to overcome shyness and really start speaking or learning that new language more efficiently.

Click here to check out the course

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Show notes

  • Shannon's language learning journey
  • The challenges of being an introverted language learner
  • Similarities between music and language learning
  • Her new course: Say Goodbye to Shy
  • And much more!

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Thanks to this week's guest, Shannon Kennedy