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Useful information for language learners of all levels. We also conduct in-depth reviews of popular apps and software so you don't waste your time or money.

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Bite Size Languages
Listening comprehension courses for beginners available in 6 target languages. Improve your pronunciation, listening, vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
Russian Pronunciation Challenge
Learn every sound of the Russian language in this 30-day challenge. Perfect for complete beginners!
Language Motivation Mastery
Set unstoppable language learning goals and avoid burnout and overwhelm with this 6 week programme.

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Actual Fluency Language Learning Podcast

On the Actual Fluency Podcast I'm interviewing the worlds premier language learning experts.

From self-taught polyglots who speak dozens of languages, to industry and academic experts on a wide range of topics. The aim is simple: To inspire and motivate language learners around the world with ideas, methods, and inspiration for further succes.

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