Let me help you reach your language learning goals.

Hi, I'm Kris Broholm! I've started Actual Fluency to help and support learners of all ages who want to learn a foreign language, no matter how busy they may be.

Here's what you can find on Actual Fluency

Learning a foreign language is a wonderful activity, that stimulates the brain and helps you to develop new relationships, career opportunities and much more. Here are the ways you can improve your language learning here on Actual Fluency.

Inspirational Interviews

Over 100 Interviews with the world's best language learners and polyglots to learn their secrets and methods.

The Best Methods

Curated lists and reviews of the best software, apps, and methods on the market today.

Premium Courses

Accelerate your language learning with premium courses and communities.

Listen to the Podcast

Amazing language learners, hyperpolyglots, fascinating story-tellers, and industry experts all guest the Actual Fluency Podcast to provide you with tips and tricks for learning languages as well as motivation and inspiration to keep going.

My Absolute Favourites

There are many services and products around but these are my absolute favourites.

Rocket Languages: Premium Audio Courses for on-the-road learning

Baselang: All the private Spanish lessons you want for a low monthly fee.

italki: Professional and casual tutoring online. Almost every language available.

Memrise: Create your own flashcards or study from the many pre-created decks. Free.

Praise for Actual Fluency

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I really enjoy all the AF podcasts. They are so interesting, and I always pick up something new from each guest. Highly recommended to all language learners.


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Actual Fluency is a great podcast for language learners from any background. Kris Broholm loves language learning and dedicates himself to hearing the stories of learners from all kinds of backgrounds. There’s always something interesting, and I love his enthusiasm as a host.


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