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Our Courses

Premium courses for language learners of all levels. Stay tuned for more.

Our Courses

Premium courses for language learners of all levels. Stay tuned for more.

Bite Size Languages

Listening comprehension courses for beginners available in 6 target languages. Improve your pronunciation, listening, vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Language Motivation Mastery

Set unstoppable language learning goals and avoid burnout and overwhelm with this 6 week programme.

The Actual Fluency Blog

On the Actual Fluency Blog we're providing weekly content with a lot of useful information for language learners of all levels. This includes tips, strategies, and guides for specific languages. We also review language software, courses, and apps so you don't waste time on overpriced, mediocre products.

LingQ Review: A pleasant surprise!

LingQ (pronounced ‘Link!') offers an immersive reading and listening experience in 18 languages. At its core, LingQ provides assisted reading and listening exercises on a wide variety of topics. So, should you open an account and subscribe? In this review, we'll explore LingQ, its pros and cons, and what the service ....

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Best Spanish Courses Online: 40+ Courses to Learn Spanish

Not sure where to find the best Spanish courses online? We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps, online courses, podcasts and Youtube channels out there designed for Spanish learners. We've also broken it down into courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners, as well as for ....

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The Actual Fluency Podcast

On the Actual Fluency Podcast I'm interviewing the worlds premier language learning experts.

From self-taught polyglots who speak dozens of languages, to industry and academic experts on a wide range of topics. The aim is simple: To inspire and motivate language learners around the world with ideas, methods, and inspiration for further succes. 181 episodes and counting!

AFP 181 – Olle Linge: Hacking Chinese & Academic vs Non-Academic

In this episode I'm joined by Olle Linge from Hacking Chinese. I've wanted to have him on the show for 5-6 years so it's great that we finally connected!

AFP 180 – Hēmi Kelly: Māori Language and Culture

In this episode I'm joined by “A Māori Phrase a Day” author Hēmi Kelly, to find out a little more about Māori, which is the name of the indigenous people of New Zealand, as well as the language.

AFP 179 – Kerstin Cable: Women in Language and Teaching Careers in Languages

One of the most popular guests of the podcast returns to share all the details for her upcoming project, that she co-hosts with Lindsay Williams and Shannon Kennedy: Women in Language (September 17-20, 2020)

AFP 178 – Lina Vasquez: Mindset, Psychology, and Self-development

In this episode I'm joined by my friend Lina Vasquez, an amazing polyglot who shares her passion for languages, self-development, and many other topics on her YouTube channel. 

AFP 177 – Gloria Spagnoli: Find Your Confidence and Inner Resources

In this episode I'm joined by Italian teacher Gloria Spagnoli who shares her insights as both a language learner and teacher.

AFP 176 – Maria Ortega Garcia: Connecting Deeper with Languages!

In this episode I'm joined by Spanish teacher Maria Ortega Garcia, who shares unique insights as both a language learner and teacher.

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