My comprehensive Polyglot Gathering Berlin trip report – part 1

Welcome to my Berlin trip report. I decided to write a very comprehensive trip report, in an attempt to try and recreate my own participation in the event.

This way my hope is that people who were unable to attend can at least get a feel for just how incredible the event was. This is a multi part story and you can expect a new chapter every other day.

PS. I apologize for not having more pictures, I usually don't take many photos when I'm travelling around.

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Polyglot Berlin is over – Airport thoughts about the event!

Wow. That probably sums up the experience I have had the last week. As I'm sitting in Berlin Schönefeld Airport, heavily sleep deprived, I thought I would write down some of my thoughts about the crazy week that is Polyglot Gathering Berlin 2014.

First of all I must try and verbalise an incredibly congratulations to the main organizers: Judith, Martin and Chuck. Leaning on experience of Esperanto events and also the polyglot conference in Berlin these great people took it upon themselves to organise a Berlin gathering, and save for a few technical problems here and there the event was masterfully and professionally done.

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AFP 15 – Ben Whately: Memrise, memory and learning

Today is a very exciting episode of the Actual Fluency Podcast. If you have listened to the podcast or even read my blog before, you will have noticed that I recommend Memrise A LOT. To me it's just the perfect learning environment for foreign language vocabulary (and more!). Today I'm very fortunate to be joined by the Chief Operating Officer of Memrise himself, Ben Whately, in order to provide some greater insights into just how Memrise works, the science behind it and what the future holds for the development.

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A quick tip to improve your Russian declensions and a summer update

Today's post won't be as lenghty as usual, because I am literally swamped with exam preparations. To add to this pressure I will also be going to the PolyGlotBerlin Gathering next week, where I'll be giving a talk – so the pressure is definitely on. This means that my Russian studies and by extension this blog will be running at slightly slower pace during the month or so. I will still strive to post at least one post a week and the weekly podcast, as I have done every week now so far.

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