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As I'm writing this entry, several places around the world have entered voluntary, or involuntary lock-down in order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

But, why not take advantage of these circumstances to add a new language to your resume this year?

After all, a quarantined environment is perfect for language learning!

In this post I'm sharing my top 5 top tips for learning a new language, for anyone who might be new to this great process!

My name is Kris Broholm, in case you don't know me, and I've interviewed over 150 of the world's top language learners and industry professionals on my podcast: Actual Fluency since 2014.

Top 5 tips for learning a foreign language in 2020, during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Tip 1: Focus on the spoken language first (unless you're learning the language exclusively to read, in which case, focus on reading!)

This means learning the words and phrases that you're bound to need in your first conversations in the language.

Examples of this are:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Telling people what you do for a living
  • Telling people you're learning [language] because you're quarantined due to the virus outbreak!

By learning high-frequency words and phrases first you build the language from the bottom up, instead of learning 15 different names of animals (that don't even live in your country…)

Tip 2: Don't expect to master the language in 3 months, but don't be surprised if you make tremendous progress either!

A healthy balance of expectations is always nice to have in language learning. No, you won't be reading native-level books in a few months, but you might be able to have hour long conversations about familiar topics – and that's pretty cool!

Plus, language learned never really disappears, so you've developed a skill for life.

(Granted it does need a bit of a refresher once in a while, but just like riding a bike once the rust is off you'll be speaking as well as ever in no time.)

Tip 3: Try to schedule your language learning sessions consistently from day to day, and make sure you don't try and do too much initially!

There is a huge temptation to try and study languages for hours and hours in the beginning, especially when you are isolated and or quarantined.

In my experience this only leads to burnout, where you just give up completely a few weeks in.

An hour or two a day is amazing, especially if broken into smaller pieces during the day.

Tip 4: Book lessons online with virtual teachers (no hand sanitiser required!) My favourite website for this is where you can book lessons with native speakers for less than $10/hr for most languages.

This is the secret sauce to rapid language learning progress.

NOTHING beats 1-on-1 tutoring for language improvement. You can practice your phrases and words, get feedback on your pronunciation, and correct mistakes you're making.

Tip 5: Have fun!

Learning a new language is a fun and rewarding hobby, when done correct. I highly recommend sticking to methods and formats that you thoroughly enjoy.

It might not be the best situation ever being locked up at home for most of the time, but I'm sure languages can help brighten your day!

For example: Many people believe you need to begin to read native-level books to learn a language.

This is just nonsense, and especially dumb when the person in question doesn't read in his or her native language either!

If you love to watch movies, find movies in your target language.

If you love to listen to music, find music in your target language.

This journey of a new language is truly amazing, and it will open doors and opportunities you never knew were possible.



Deal Alert: The “Now Or Never” Language Bootcamp

Special 8-week programme (starts April 1)

No – it's not April Fools!

My friend Olly Richards has reduced his amazing Uncovered courses and offers unprecedented support in this new online guided language bootcamp.

Here's me and Olly doing our best Benny Lewis impression, when we met in Montreal a few years ago.

Perfect for anyone who's been putting off their language learning dreams due to lack of time.

Here's what you get:

  • One full Uncovered language course ($297-$397)- learn a new language fast through ‘StoryLearning’ 
  • Eight-week live coaching with Olly Richards ($497) – Learn live & in-person from Olly in your home, with 16 live training sessions (2 per week for 8 weeks). He’ll teach you the learning techniques he’s used to learn 8 languages. 
  • Unlimited Q&A (priceless) – Regular Q&A sessions along with each live training, so you can ask anything about your learning and won’t get stuck!
  • Recording package of live coaching sessions ($197)- Yours to keep forever, so you can refer back whenever you need
  • Friendship & accountability group (priceless)
    – Dedicated Facebook group for new students, so you can stay connected, share tips & keep your spirits up
    – Daily check-ins (stay accountable & motivated)
    – Meet others in same situation (community)
  • Productivity Secrets (special training) – How to plan your day & be productive from home ($47)
    – Priority training to cope with self-isolation
    – Learn the keystone habits that will keep you productive & sane during self-isolation
    – Printable study planner to help structure your day

This package has a value of total value: $1,138. (Uncovered courses alone usually cost $297-397.)

You can enrol in this ‘Now or Never’ Language Bootcamp for only $197.

But, hurry, as the whole thing begins April 1, and registration won't be possible after that.

Make the best of these terrible times, and learn a language while isolated and quarantined!

Tap into ‘Pet’ Potential for Learning Languages

Note from Kris: This is a guest post from Daryl from “” It's a bit left field for language learners, but I found his other piece “How an 8-day Dog Sitter Job Turned into a Full On Doggy Bromance” absolutely hilarious, so when Daryl reached out I invited him to contribute here free of charge.

Take it away, Daryl!

If you love linguistics, but hate formal lessons, why not learn new languages from our four-legged friends? 

Yes, you too can learn to speak dog, or rather the language of their owner. For the linguophile with a wanderlust and passion for pets, then pet sitting is a “pawsome” way to learn language for next-to-no bucks. 

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