Breaking: Polyglot Conference 2023 Moves to Budapest

This article is news about the language learning community. To stay up to date with conferences, events, and other happenings – consider joining our free newsletter. Polyglot Conference Founder, Richard Simcott, just made the announcement at the Edinburgh Language Event (a smaller-scale version of the Polyglot Conference) saying that for 2023, the Polyglot Conference will … Read more

Spanish Uncovered Testimonial: Maria from the USA

This article is is about Spanish Uncovered, part of the StoryLearning series. For more content related to StoryLearning, please click here. In this post we’re happy to share Maria’s experience with Spanish Uncovered. Take it away, Maria! ——— ┬íHola! My name is Maria, and I’m thrilled to say that I’ve successfully learned Spanish with the … Read more