What Is The Best Way to Learn Vietnamese?

We’ve discussed in other articles whether Vietnamese is difficult to learn. We’ve also gone over some general best practices when learning tonal languages

But what is the best way to learn Vietnamese specifically? The bad news is, there’s no right answer to that. The good news is, there’s no wrong answer, either. Everyone learns differently, so we’ve gathered some recommendations to help you learn Vietnamese in the most efficient way possible, including narrowing down the dialect, perfecting diacritics and finding a learning buddy.

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How to Roll Your R’s: A Beginners Guide

Few things give native English speakers more trouble than the dreaded rolled R. What's worse, many popular global languages (Spanish, Italian, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, etc.) use a rolled R or similar tonal pattern. If you want clear, effective communication in these languages, you'll need to master the skill of how to roll your R's.

Learning how to roll your r's begins by moving the tip of your tongue towards the alveolar Ridge, relaxing it a little, and then practising regularly. If you're having trouble, you can try cupping your tongue a little too!

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