AFP 33 – Alberto Arrighini: Self-development and motivation

Are you guys ready to get pumped up? How is your motivation doing today?

Today I'm joined by another young polyglot, Mr. Alberto Arrighini. I met Alberto in Berlin at the Polyglot Gathering, and we exchanged Facebook details. I didn't talk to him much after the event, but I kept seeing things from him in my news feed. He was waking up early, running, working out and posting pictures of inspirational quotes, books and much more.Continue reading

Review: Collins Dictionaries for Ultralingua on Android

Hey guys,

The people over at HarperCollins recently got in touch saying they recently released dictionaries for the Ultralingua application on the Android platform – sorry iOS users out there!

As somebody who had been growing frustrated with the inflexibility of Google Translate and the bulkyness of having several free, lesser good dictionaries for different languages, this offer seemed to come at a perfect time.Continue reading

Russian Tutoring Sessions: Listen to My Lessons

Hey guys,

I recently announced I was going to add more content to the YouTube Channel. It is now up to 120+ subscribers, which I'm really thankful for.

Today I'm happy to announce the second episode of my Russian Tutoring lessons. These videos basically allow you to be a fly on the wall during my one-to-one Russian Tutoring lessons, while subtitles provide you with what is actually going on.

This new series will début every Sunday, and hopefully there will be a great amount of progress in my, so far, feeble Russian.Continue reading

AFP 31 – Leszek Trybała: The young polyglot revolution

Today I have a very special guest. Leszek is a 17-year old who impressed me greatly whenever I would open the Memrise leaderboards. He would routinely get 10 times as many points as me in a month, which would indicate a very high level of activity. He's also fascinating because he is part of the young polyglot revolution, where teenagers start learning languages very early and do so very successfully. Another example of this is Tim Doner, who everybody probably knows by now.Continue reading

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