Resources For Language Learners

Glossika: Spaced Repetition Audio Courses

Glossika offers a high value spaced-repetition system with a ton of language combinations to learn included in the monthly subscription.

Baselang: Unlimited Private Spanish Classes

Baselang offers Spanish learners completely unlimited no-strings attached Spanish tutoring for $129 a month. Get $10 off your first month now.

Fluent in 3 Months Premium

The Fluent in 3 Months Premium Program is a high-value membership site produced by Benny Lewis, best-selling author and internationally renowned polyglot.

LanguagePod101: Premium Podcasts in 34 Languages

LanguagePod101 offer Premium Audio Podcasts in many languages. You get access to hundreds of lessons and lots of bonus tools when you sign up for the cheap monthly fee.

How to Learn Languages

  • Conversation Countdown: Let top language hacker Benny Lewis show you how to speak your target language with a native speaker within 7 days.
  • Successful Self-Study: How to learn a language on your own in no time, without any language classes by Lindsay Dow from LindsayDoesLanguages.
  • Say Goodbye to Shy: Book and companion course on how to learn languages more effectively if you're an introvert or simply feel shy when trying to talk to people.

Audio-based Methods

  • Pimsleur – 30 minute lessons with extensive pronunciation and spaced repetition elements. Read my review here.
  • Glossika – Sentence-based spaced repetition. Includes 3000 sentences at an affordable price.
  • Rocket Languages: High-quality audio-based method available in a dozen languages. Read my review.
  • – Record yourself and get instant feedback on your pronunciation within 24 hours! Use promo code: ACTFLU at checkout for 10% off!

Online Courses

  • LinguaLift – Super premium courses with 24/7 tutor contact.
  • Babbel – Extensive courses available in many languages. Small cost.
  • Mondly – Courses in 33 languages with optional Premium upgrade.
  • Duolingo – FREE language courses available in many languages, great for on-the-go learning.
  • Fluent Spanish Academy – For intermediate Spanish learners who want to take their Spanish to the next level.

How to Master your Memory


  • Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It by Gabriel Wyner.

Accountability / Motivation

  • Add 1 Challenge: Pick your target language and learn how to have a 15-minute conversation with a native speaker in 90 days.

Spaced Repetition and Flashcards

  • Memrise – My favourite flashcard software. Free.
  • – Alternative to Memrise, spaced repetition flashcard software. Allows you to design your own decks.
  • LingQ – Learn new vocabulary through reading and listening to a vast amount of material. Free for limited use, with a premium membership costing about 10 USD per month.
  • Learn With Oliver – Flashcards on Steroids. Many features available free, but to unlock everything you will need to pay a small monthly fee.
  • Bliu Bliu – Algorithm based reading tool, that serves you content suited exactly for your level. Great if you want to get into reading in your target language fast.
  • LanguageBoost – Learn the top 500 words in many languages for rapid fluency.
  • Clozemaster – Gamify your learning and learn in context with tons of languages to choose from.

Tutoring and Exchanges

  • iTalki – Find a tutor or teacher from all over the world at affordable price. If you pay for a lesson you'll get 100 free credits towards the next lesson. HIGHLY recommended. Read my review.
  • Baselang – For Spanish learners: Unlimited Spanish tutoring for just $129/month. Get $10 off your first month.
  • InterPals – Originally designed as a pen-pal site, it is super easy to find native speakers who will help you out. I was literally swarmed with choices when I searched for native Russian speakers, and everyone I contacted have been super friendly.
  • Sharedlingo – Live chat language exchange service. Chat to people in real-time and practice your languages.
  • HelloTalk – One of the best language exchange app right now.
  • Tandem – Talk about your favourite subjects in your target language with over 1 million users of this language exchange application. Tutoring also available directly.


  • Lang-8 – Submit text to have corrected by native speakers.
  • – Comprehensive selection of dictionaries, tools, and resources for language learners all provided for free. Recommended.
  • Forvo – Listen to native speakers pronouncing millions of words
  • RhinoSpike – Request pronunciations from native speakers and contribute your own voice.
  • Teach English overseas –  Online teach-English-as-a-foreign-language courses that enable you to start teaching English in most of the world. Requires an upfront investment, but you can find tons of jobs on their website.

Shows and Podcasts

  • Foreign Language Mastery: John Fotheringham interviews polyglots and language learners about their favourite methods, tips and tricks.

Travel the world

  • AirBnB – Rent rooms or whole apartments from private people for less than the cost of a hotel room. Get $20 off your first booking.
  • UBER – My favourite taxi-app. It's super easy to use, payment is secure over the app and it's 40-50% cheaper than traditional taxis. You get $10 credit by signing up via me.

Blog about your learning

Note: I wrote a blogging guide, that takes you through all the steps, no technical knowledge required!

  • HostGator: My prefered webhost. Used it for years now without problems. Use the coupon code:ActualFluency for a special discount at checkout.
  • WordPress: The best blogging framework, and it’s free! Check your webhost’s “quickinstall” section, they might have it there already.