AFP 41 – Christopher Huff: Toki Pona and Polyglot Gatherings

Today I'm happy to welcome on the show my good friend Chris Huff. Chris was responsible for the Toki Pona presentation at Polyglot Gathering Berlin and he currently lives in Beijing, China as an English language teacher.

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AFP 26 – Andrew Williams: A language a year for life

When Andrew Williams was younger, his father advised him to learn a new language every year. Something that Andrew has been doing ever since. He now speaks an unheard number of languages and is probably the most talented hyperpolyglot you have never heard about!

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AFP 25 – Robert Bigler: Translation and Interpretation

Hello guys! It's Friday, which means another Actual Fluency Podcast. We're up to episode 25! Which is a happy quarter century.

Today on the show we have a very talented polyglot, Mr. Robert Bigler. Robert is an Austrian professional interpreter and translator and I caught up with him in Berlin to discuss what it's like to work professionally with languages. Lots of tips and tricks if you aspire to get into translation or interpretation.

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