Memrise Review: Great for vocab, not for grammar

Memrise is one of the biggest names in the language-learning arena. But, does its popularity speak to the quality of the programme, and should you use it for your language learning needs? 

Our review will walk you through all that Memrise has to offer, its pros, cons and alternatives, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase a full subscription.

Our Verdict

TL;DR Memrise Review

In case you want the quick pros and cons of Memrise, here's a list.


  • Lots of free content available.
  • Huge amount of language content from both Memrise itself and a community of users.
  • Useful for memorsing vocabulary and phrases quickly.
  • Game-like elements make learning much more fun.
  • More than 22 languages to choose form.


  • Not ideal for learning grammar or language structure.
  • Needs to be used as a supplementary course with other platforms.
  • Limited access on desktop.
  • Games and exercises can get repetitve.