Mango Languages Review: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Mango Languages covers a broad range of dialects from across the globe, from French and Italian to Igbo and Malayalam. But how far can you go in your language learning journey using just this software? Find out in this Mango Languages review.

In this review, we delve into the range and depth of learning materials that Mango Languages offers its users. We’ve included exactly what you can expect from the course, how to get your head around its pricing, and even included a few alternative platforms if Mango Languages isn't the one for you.

Our Verdict

TL;DR Mango Languages Review

In case you want the quick pros and cons of Mango Languages, here's a list.


  • Covers more than 70 languages including Koine Greek and Biblical Hebrew.
  • Advanced algorithms remember and adapt to your learning habits.
  • High audio quality for crisp lessons.
  • Pattern highlighting encourages organic learning rather than learning rules.


  • Limited course depth in some language courses.
  • Style of learning can get very repetitive.
  • Very few courses go beyond beginner level.
  • Only surface level grammar explanations
  • Google Translate plugin isn't always accurate.