The Ultimate Rosetta Stone Review for 2021: How Good is it?

Rosetta Stone is STILL one of the most well-known names in the language learning industry.

Until now I resisted writing a comprehensive review, because I always found their product incredibly bad. It was expensive, boring, and not very effective.

Has it changed since then? Let's find out.

Updated January, 2021.

I first tried Rosetta Stone about 15 years ago.

It came in this big, yellow cardboard box, and with a hefty price tag of around $500 for a language.

And it was truly awful.

Has the product improved since then? Let's dive in.

Summary of this review:

Going back to Rosetta Stone after more than a decade away from it, was a bit like opening up an old lunchbox, but discovering that you left some bread in it which has now gone completely mouldy.

It's a very basic way to learn languages with, that does not warrant paying $15-$20 a month, or $300+ for lifetime access for.

It has not aged well, with the many new courses, apps, and technology that is now available.

Skip Rosetta Stone, and just download Duolingo. You won't regret it.

What is Rosetta Stone?

Released in 1992, the Rosetta Stone Language learning software was ahead of its time.

One of the founders, Allen Stoltzfus had learned German using an immersive method, and when he attempted to learn Russian in a class-room setting he found the latter much less efficient and boring.