What is the Easiest Way to Learn Japanese?

If you’re a complete beginner to Japanese and don’t know where to start, never fear! We’re here to tell you what the easiest way to learn Japanese is.

It's easiest to start by learning how to write Japanese characters, before moving onto studying both the hiragana and katakana alphabets. Once you've mastered these you can move onto kanji by studying individual radicals, before finally taking the plunge to start speaking!

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HelloTalk Review: Too many gimmicks, not enough substance

Today we’ll review HelloTalk, a messenger app that connects people from across the globe as language exchange partners. We’ll give you the lowdown on the app’s primary functions, who it’s best for, and why we'd actually recommend that you look for your next conversation partner elsewhere.

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What Is The Best Way to Learn Vietnamese?

We’ve discussed in other articles whether Vietnamese is difficult to learn. We’ve also gone over some general best practices when learning tonal languages

But what is the best way to learn Vietnamese specifically? The bad news is, there’s no right answer to that. The good news is, there’s no wrong answer, either. Everyone learns differently, so we’ve gathered some recommendations to help you learn Vietnamese in the most efficient way possible, including narrowing down the dialect, perfecting diacritics and finding a learning buddy.

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Verbling Review: Effective online classes for all budgets

Join us as we dive into this Verbling review and explore an online marketplace of language teachers from across the globe!

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  • Everything is conveniently self-contained on the platform
  • Uses a thorough screening process for teachers
  • Extremely customisable to suit your learning needs
  • Community forums are messy and unorganized
  • Some features are glitchy 
  • Number of teachers available varies by language 
  • Interface is not consistent across devices
Review Overview

What Verbling does well, it does really well. The self-contained interface makes scheduling and conducting lessons convenient, all without the need for different software. Verbling thoroughly screens all teachers to ensure you’re getting a quality language education. 

The additional features, though somewhat flawed, are a welcome addition, too. Other marketplaces are just that—marketplaces. The extra features Verbling offers make it closer to a traditional language learning programme. 

However, the inconsistent interface is plagued with glitches, and the red tape for teachers makes it hard to continue lessons when they happen. And Verbling’s no-cash-refunds policy means you can’t get your money back if it’s the interface and not the teacher you’re unhappy with.

All in all, Verbling is a solid marketplace if you’re looking for professional language instructions. We just wish it was executed a little better.