HelloChinese Language App Review: As good as the reviews suggest?

HelloChinese promises to teach Mandarin in a fun, interactive way, whether you’re a complete beginner or already have the fundamentals under your belt.  In this review, we’ll break down the main features of HelloChinese, its pros and cons, and whether we think it’s worth a download. We’ve even included some in-program screen shots to give … Read more

How YouTuber Xiaomanyc Learns Languages

For the last few months, as part of my long-standing YouTube addiction, I've been following the channel “Xiaomnyc” where a white, jewish guy shocks Chinese native speakers by speaking perfect Mandarin

In this post I thought it could be fun to summarise his learning methodology, and share some of the resources that he's been using in his recent Spanish challenge where he attempts to learn Spanish in 30 days.

In just a few days he's already having basic conversations.

So how does he do it? Let's find out.

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Most Difficult Languages: 7 Of the Hardest You Can Learn

Have you ever thought which are the most difficult languages you can learn? Chinese, Hungarian, Korean? Here are 7 you might find challenging!

Actually it depends on each individual person, as we all have different linguistic backgrounds and some languages will be further or nearer to our own native tongue.

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