My Experience with Michel Thomas Russian

Michel Thomas Russian is a newer release of the Michel Thomas audio courses and features two students learning Russian from renowned Russian professor: Natasha Bershadski.

What is the Michel Thomas Method?

The Michel Thomas Method is an audio course that uses cognates and other shortcuts to teach the student speaking skills in a foreign language very rapidly.

The students progress quickly, and the format is both fun and exciting as all the pressure is taking out.

My experience with Michel Thomas Russian

I used MT Russian extensively during my Russian mission, and I really credit the course for my rapid improvements early on. Using Michel Thomas I was able to quickly take the knowledge and apply it to my tutoring sessions and before long I was having 60 minute conversations in Russian.

Sure it was slow and pretty basic conversations, but hey I was speaking Russian within a year of starting it. You don't really get the same benefit and speed anywhere else.

What does Michel Thomas Russian cost

The Russian course will set you back a few hundred dollars for the entire set. This includes over 30 hours of audio and will make you understand and conduct basic sentences and conversations.

The programme is split into roughly two halves: Total and Perfect. Previously it used to be split into several smaller parts, but recent updates consolidated them into just two.

You might also be able to find it on your local library for free, so be sure to check that out before splashing on it!

DON'T get the STARTER pack. It's just a cheap introduction that features content already available in the Total pack.

Where to buy Michel Thomas Russian

You can find Michel Thomas Russian in well-stocked bookshops or simply use your local Amazon.



What's good about MT Russian?

  • You learn quickly and effortlessly
  • True to the MT concept

What's not so good?

  • The students make a lot of mistakes, which can be annoying at times.
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Michel Thomas Russian
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  • June says:

    Thank you for reminding me to check my local library. Your review is very helpful.

  • Dee says:

    Useful review. Thanks.

  • Not_Vlad says:

    Although the course is interesting, and they explain a lot of the grammar and give interesting tips for memorizing words, I simply cannot stand the absolute ignorance of the students. They must have searched far and wide for the most obtuse, thickheaded, forgetful and mentally limited people to participate in this course. I could not believe the fact that they butcher the pronunciation Every. Single. Time. Even after several hours, especially the male student, trying to remember the simplest words and it’s just like he’s trying to force the language to sound as English as he can. Like he could, through sheer force of will and stupidity, change 1000 years of dialect and accent evolution so that it fits within the scope of what his limited brain can comprehend and reproduce. After having just completed the entire Pimsleur Russian course and having developed what I considered to be a decent accent, I felt like I was flushing it all down the toilet for a few grammar rules after listening to those 2 cut down every word they came across. Would have been better with just the teacher talking to herself.
    Grammar/ Vocab: 7/10
    Pronunciation: -3/10

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