Most Difficult Languages: 7 Of the Hardest You Can Learn

Have you ever thought which are the most difficult languages you can learn? Chinese, Hungarian, Korean? Here are 7 you might find challenging!

Actually it depends on each individual person, as we all have different linguistic backgrounds and some languages will be further or nearer to our own native tongue.

However, according to the Foreign Service Institute of the USA, there are languages like  Arabic, Hungarian, and Estonian that are more complex and thus present a bigger challenge for English native speakers.

The reasons vary why, but the list is greater than the ones mentioned before.

In this article you'll find a few more difficult languages, along with an explanation why they are more difficult than average!

Top 7 of the most difficult languages

  1. Chinese. There are many reasons why this language is in this list. For example, the characters that are used while writing are very complicated and ancient for outsiders.Each word is denotedby a separate symbol and it’s not phonetic, so you have no idea how it’s pronounced.The tonal system is one more obstacle in the way of learning Chinese. There are a handful or more tones depending on which Chinese language you're studying.One more reason is a big quantity of homophones. For instance, the word “shi” is connected with 30 various morphemes.Some people try to learn Chinese only because of its complexity and uniqueness. Even Korean which shares many principles with Chinese is way easier to learn, and common for all the languages in this article is that the easiest way is probably via Skype with a native speaker – unless you happen to be in the country, of course!most difficult languages

So if you’re going to start learning one of these languages, best of luck to you!

Any language, no matter how difficult can obviously be learned but the ones mentioned above definitely require a bit more energy than other languages 🙂

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