Mondly Review: Okay for beginners

Mondly claims that it can have you speaking a language “faster than anyone else”. In this Mondly review, we're going to see if this platform lives up to these bold claims.

We'll be looking at what makes Mondly so special, from its key features to its user-friendly interface. We'll also be comparing it to its competitors and discussing whether it's worth its high price tag.

Our Verdict

TL;DR Mondly Review

In case you want the quick pros and cons of Mondly, here's a list.


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for all ages.
  • Opportunity to learn using your native tongue.
  • More than 33 languages available!
  • Variety of learning techniques including topic-based lessons, AR technology and chatbot features.


  • Little to no grammar explanation throughout.
  • Games can get repetitive.
  • You'll need to use other resources to become fluent in a language.
  • Can become an expensive investment if you want to learn more than one language.

What is Mondly?