Babbel Review 2020: Good for some languages – mediocre for others!

Babbel is a large online language course provider based in Berlin, Germany. In this post I take a look at their course offers, and attempt to answer the question: “Is Babbel Worth it?”

Updated December, 2020.

Babbel is a very affordable online language course provider, that features familiar quiz-style course elements combined with exercises, pronunciation and grammar trainers as well as vocabulary practice tools.

They offer English speakers 13 languages to pick from, with each subscription being purchased separately.

You can also learn English with Babbel from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, and Portuguese.

Table of Contents

The main features of Babbel

Alright, let's dive into the core of what Babbel offer.

At this point we have to split the review in two parts, because Babbel offers two distinctly different style of courses, depending on what language you're learning.

One is amazing, and is worth every penny of the subscription costs – while the other is terrible, and not even worth doing if you got it for free.

Unfortunately Babbel (at the time of writing this review) chooses to continuously offer both the superior and inferior courses at the same time, and what is even more unfortunate, at the same price…

Here's a quick video I recorded to show these differences:

The “good” languages – Spanish, and French

These languages have significantly better courses than the rest of the languages of Babbel.

Here's how they work.

First you learn a few key phrases, which are super relevant and important for those first few conversations you're bound to have in Spanish.