Is Rype a Scam? Do NOT Even TRY it Before Reading This

This is a comprenensive investigation into Rype, designed to inform you of a number of red flags that I've observed with this company over a handful of years in the language learning industry.

This is not one of my usual 2000+ word reviews, where I go into depth of a service, app, or tool, like my many other reviews on this site.

You can find a lot of those for Rype on Google already, from people who have signed up and tried the service.

So, instead I'll focus on the many red flags that I've seen, and why I think you should stay well clear of Rype.

Just to be clear, I have nothing personal against Rype, and I'm trying to stay as objective as possible.

I do work with a few trustworthy competitors of Rype, that may pay a small commission, should you decide to give them a try on my recommendation.

While this may affect my neutrality a bit, I hope you check out the rest of this post for the evidence and make your own opinion after.

Let's dive in.

Table of Contents

What is Rype?

Rype is an online tutoring subscription service, where you pre-pay a number of lessons on a monthly basis.

You can then spend these lessons with any of the teachers inside the Rype dashboard, as you please.

What does Rype Cost?

The cost to use Rype is not insignificant, with the smallest monthly fee being: $59.99 if you pay 6 months upfront.

There's something weird about their pricing though, check out the price difference between buying 10 hours a month or 6 hours per month.

Monthly Billing:

  • 4 hours/month: $79.99 or $19.99/hr
  • 6 hours/month: $99.99 or $16.67/hr
  • 10 hours/month: $179.99 or $17.99/hr

6 Months Pre-paid

  • 4 hours/month: $59.99 or $14.99
  • 6 hours/month: $84.99 or $14.165/hr
  • 10 hours/month: $159.99 or $15.99/hr


Both the monthly and 6-monthly package is more expensive if you buy more hours.

Have you ever heard of a company that charges more per hour, when you buy more upfront?

At the time of writing this post the cost per hour for buying their biggest package, and biggest commitment (a $959.94 commitment, no less) you're actually charged almost a dollar more per hour than if you got the medium package.

And check out how their price table says “Best Value” in the middle of it, isn't that strange?