How to Learn a Language By Yourself: More Effective Than Schools?

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced most of the planet to stay indoors and limited language learning to independent study without schools or in-person teaching.

But, is that necessarily a bad thing for language learning?

I don't believe so. In this post I'm looking into some of my favourite techniques of how you can learn a language by yourself, and a few myths of adult language learning as well.

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Before we get into the meat of this issue of learning a language by yourself, I wanted to just answer a few common language learning myths that are holding a lot of language learners back.

Language Learning Myth-busting

“Adults can't learn a new language!”

This is quite a persistent myth, where people believe there's some cutoff age for where foreign language learning is NO LONGER POSSIBLE.

(Complete nonsense, of course.)

Adults are actually way better language learners than babies and children, and have a lot of advantages over younger people!

First, there's experience.

You know what you're going to talk about, and because you speak another language already, you can be smart about what you learn and when.

Adults are also a lot more efficient.

Think about, kids spend all day every day absorbing language and it still takes them YEARS to develop actual speech!

Puts it into perspective doesn't it?

There are also a ton of examples of adult learns on the Actual Fluency Podcast.

People of all ages can learn a language.

So just get started!

“It costs a lot of money to learn a new language!”

Absolutely not.

There has never been a better time in human history for learning a foreign language.