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Today there are millions of different tools, services, apps, products, and companies that will help you learn a foreign language. In this category you can find some of the more popular ones, that I have reviewed over the years.

Japanese Uncovered Review: The Best Japanese Course?

With a population of over 125 million people, Japanese culture has for many years been an integral part of the world. From Pokemon to Manga, and everything in between.

This has also caused interest in learning Japanese to surge.

In this post I'm taking a deep dive into the Japanese version of Uncovered, made by Olly Richards from I Will Teach You a Language to see if it's a good beginner's course for learning Japanese.

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Benny’s Bootcamp: 3 Month Guided Language Mission

Benny's Bootcamp is a new 3 month rapid language learning LIVE video course with Benny Lewis, the world’s #1 language blogger.

It's a 3 month masterclass, where you will learn how to master language hacking and speak your target language faster than you ever thought was possible. The course is a combination of modules and live classes.Continue reading

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