The Team Behind Actual Fluency

At Actual Fluency we're committed to supporting global multilingualism and language learning. This is no small task, so here is the team that make it all possible.

Apart from the people you see here, we also have freelance contributors who work with us on a project-by-project basis.


Kris Broholm

As a one-man founder without any investments or business partners, Kris is responsible for just about every aspect of Actual Fluency, with a special emphasis on the weekly(ish) newsletter and the Actual Fluency Podcast.

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Content Manager

Grace Morrison

One of our newest team members is Grace, who is in charge of publishing our regular content, updating old content, and providing a cohesive integration between all the different kinds of content we use.


Ori Starling

Ori Starling is a writer, editor, and translator based out of the United States. Their interest in languages began over 25 years ago, teaching themselves Spanish at a young age from tapes so that they could speak with family. Since then, they've studied Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese, with plans to continue their lifelong language learning journey. Ori's Website.

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