The Team Behind Actual Fluency

At Actual Fluency we're committed to supporting global multilingualism and language learning. This is no small task, so here is the team that make it all possible.

Apart from the people you see here, we also have a lot of freelance contributors who work with us on a project-by-project basis.

Founder / CEO

Kris Broholm

As a one-man founder without any investments or business partners, Kris is responsible for just about every aspect of Actual Fluency. His aim is to reduce this in the future by bringing on more great people to take over some of the areas of responsibility.

Content Manager

Lily Jones

Her passion for languages and the incredible experiences they can unlock has taken her all over the world: from the busy streets of Seoul to the rainforests of Borneo; and from the idyllic islands of Belize to the sacred temples of Myanmar.

On Actual Fluency, Lily is primarily responsible for the blog content. This includes writing, editing, and strategising so the best possible content is released for people to enjoy around the world.

Are you interested in working with Actual Fluency?

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