Our Spanish Uncovered (StoryLearning) Review: Best of the Best

In this review I'll be diving into the Spanish version of Uncovered to give you a complete picture of the course.

The other Uncovered courses: German, French, Japanese, and Italian follow the very same model (and even the same story!) so if you liked any of those you're going to love Spanish.

Plus, knowledge of the story will greatly accelerate your success in learning Spanish.

Hopefully by the end of this post you will have learnt enough to answer the question: “Is Spanish Uncovered worth it?”

Let's dive in.

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  • Incredibly comprehensive with 100+ hours of study materials
  • Free trial to see if method suits the learner
  • Great variety in the learning mediums (not just an audio course!)
  • Exciting new language learning method
  • Working through the story is fun, and you really feel like you progress as the story gets harder.
  • Probably the best language course out there today for the aspiring Spanish learner
  • Lifetime access, no subscription required
  • Some of the lessons can get a bit heavy and requires a lot of focus to get the maximum value out of
  • Additional resources like exercises, and quizzes aren't super exciting
  • It's a significant investment for a Spanish course, and might be out of budget for many Spanish learners.
  • Doesn't have a way to practice speaking directly, but does provide resources to go over the materials with a tutor or speaker.
Review Overview

In my opinion, Spanish Uncovered is a great self-study course for learning Spanish. If you're a beginner and you have the discipline to put in the work you will learn Spanish really fast.

Compared to traditional language schools or night classes, you save a bunch of money too, which you can then reinvest in a private 1-on-1 teacher to go over the materials from Spanish Uncovered, and learn even faster.

If you follow the instructions and put in the hours, this course will teach you Spanish – without a doubt.