AFP 162 – Jonty Yamisha: Heritage language learning and practical advice

On this episode I chat to Jonty Yamisha, who took it upon himself to learn his heritage language of Circassian as an adult. 

He shares a lot of great stories about his family, and practical tips and advice for how he managed to learn a language with such limited resources available.

Perfect if you have a heritage language you've been meaning to learn!

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AFP 161 – Jon Mahoney: Around the world in 900+ days and mastering Russian

On this episode I chat to Jon Mahoney, who went on a trip around the world that lasted over 900 days. We also get into his story of living in Ukraine, and Russia – as well as progressing his Russian skills to well above advanced. 

Along the way he produced videos for his YouTube channels (in English and Russian) together with his wife Eva.

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